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Night Lights & Fan Lamps

Like most everything else on this website, items from this page are shipped at our low flat-rate shipping charge within the continental US.

The brass night light clip (sold separately) is used to hold your stained glass to the night light. It is soldered to the stained glass, and it clips to the night light base.
  Size/Descrip Item # Price
Night Base with Bulb Night Light Base (Ivory) with Bulb NLB1 $2.65
Night Light Button
Extra Night Light Bulb Extra Bulb NLXB $0.55 PPSC
LED Night Light LED Night Light with Photo Senser
New efficient LED Night Lights! Built in LED light replaces the traditional style bulb. Daylight sensor automatically turns the LED light on and off - Operates the LED dusk to dawn.
NLB2 $3.45
LED Night Light Button
Night Light Clip Night Light Clip NLC1 $.40 PPSC
Night Light Clip with Screw Night Light Clip with Screw NLC2 $.50
Night Light Clip with Screw Night Light Clip with Screw - Bag of 50 NLC2X50 $15.00 PPSC Button

Night Light Filigree

Brass Night Light Filigree is added to the front of your night light to create a quick, easy, and attractive project. Detailed night light assembly instructions are included (exception: no instructions included with the Skunk filigree). Dimensions of the filigree are approximately: 3¼ in. tall, 2 in wide at the top, and ¾ in. wide at the bottom. You may click on the photos for a larger image.









Fan Lamps

Oak Fan Base
Fan Lamp Bases include cord with inline switch. They use a night light or candelabra bulb (not included).
Wood Fane Base Wood Fan Base w/Cord - Dark Finish
These are made of a lighter weight wood compared to the ones shown above.
Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 1¼".
Click on the photo for a larger view
Item #
Rectangular Fan Base Rectangular Wood Fan Base w/Cord
Dark Finish

Dimensions: 7½" x 3½".
Click on the photo for a larger view
Item #
scallopped fan base Antique Brass Octagonal Fan Base w/Cord
Dimensions: 3½" x 3½"
Item #
pyramid edge fan base Pyramid Edge Fan Base w/Cord
Dimensions: 4¼" diameter (point to point)
Item #
80060 Fan Base Cord Set Cord Set
This is the same cord set that is used with the fan bases above. It is included with the bases above, so you don't need it unless you are making fan bases yourself.
Item #
Art Deco Lady Fan Lamp Base Art Deco Lady Fan Lamp Base
10" high, bronze finish.
This is the fan base that is shown in the book,
Twelve Fans of Tiffany (below).

Click on photo for a larger view
Item #
The Book of Fans
Designs for Stained Glass
by Leslie Sharp
50 full-size patterns for fan lamps. 22 color photos with instructions and glass suggestions. A wide variety of subjects.
Click on the photo for a larger view and more info.
Item #
Twelve Fans of Tiffany
A tribute to the artists of Tiffany Studios
by Dan Alfuth
Twelve beautiful full-size fan lamp patterns designed in the tradition of Tiffany. Includes instructions and excellent photographs.
Click on the photo for a larger view and more info.
Item #

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