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Harmony Glass Patterns

Paned Expressions CD PE-24

"Flowers of Elyse"

Price: $28.95

Fifty-Seven of Elyse's full-size bold, beautiful, and breathtaking florals translated into stunning stained glass.

stained glass single sunflower stained glass white orchids stained glass peach roses
Single Sunflower White Orchids Two Vertical
Peach Roses
stained white and red tulips stained glass golden magnolia stained glass peony rose
White and Red Tulips Golden Magnolia Peony Rose
stained pink azaleas stained glass heliconia palms stained glass geraniums in window boxes
Pink Azaleas Heliconia Palms #4 Geraniums
in Window Boxes
stained glass wine and floral lamp stained pink bellflowers stained glass star gazer lily
Wine and Floral Lamp Pink Bellflowers Star Gazer Lily
stained glass roses stained glass shasta daisies stained glass blue iris
Roses End Shasta Daisies Blue Iris
stained glass pink rose stained glass daffodils stained glass bromeliad
Single Pink Rose Daffodils Bromeliad
stained glass orchid bud stained glass flora in art nouveau pitcher stained glass asters
Orchid Bud Flora in
Art Nouveau Pitcher
Late Summer Asters
stained glass purple morning glories stained glass white camellias stained glass pink bromeliad
Purple Morning Glories White Camellias Pink Bromeliad
stained glass pink tulip garden stained glass white hibiscus stained glass laurel canyon flowers
Pink Tulip Garden White Hibiscus Laurel Canyon Flowers
stained glass tulip garden stained glass sunflowers stained glass lily garden
Tulip Garden Two Sunflowers Lily Garden
stained glass tulips stained glass claifornia poppies stained glass indigo lilies
Tulips California Poppies Indigo Lilies
stained glass rose garden stained glass bouquet stained glass hanging fuchsia bells
Rose Garden Bouquet Hanging Fuchsia Bells
stained glass hanging moon flowers stained glass african violets stained glass yellow lily
Hanging Moon Flowers African Violets
In Art Nouveau Pottery
Yellow Lily
stained glass pink hollyhocks stained glass trumpets stained glass white magnolia
Pink Hollyhocks Cluster of Trumpets White Magnolia
stained glass bird of paradise stained glass trumpet flowers stained glass red bromeliad
Bird of Paradise White Trumpet Flowers Red Bromeliad
stained glass red and yellow tulip garden stained glass red angel flowers stained glass pansy
Red and Yellow Tulip Garden Red Angel Flowers Pansy Faces
stained glass yellow hibiscus stained glass white plumeria stained glass spectacular daisy
Yellow Hibiscus White Plumerias Spectacular Daisy
stained glass dogwood tree stained glass one red petunia stained glass pink azalea garden
Dogwood Tree One Red Petunia Pink Azalea Garden
stained glass johnny jump ups   stained glass shady path
Johnny Jump Up's   Shady Path


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