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Harmony Glass Patterns

Paned Expressions CD PE-1
"Our Favorite Patterns"

Price: $28.95

Some of the over 100 patterns on this CD are shown below.



Chickadees & Holly

Peacock & Lotus

Mountains' Majesty

Canada Geese

Wood Ducks

Bluebird in Clematis

Diving Duck


Egret - Lighter Than Air

Puffin Pair


Fireplace Screen

Great Blue Heron

Stallion Romp

Contented Cow


Monkey Jungle

The Tortoise & the Hare

Dolphin Sunset

Big Horn Sheep

English Pointer

Rottweiler Mosaic

Camel Oasis

Splashblock Mosaic- Esher Lizards

Splashblock Mosaic - Koi

Flathead Catfish

Magnolia Blossom

Palm Trees

Pansy Patch

Poppy Patch

Pineapple Cabinet Door

O'Keeffe Poppy

Autumn Birches

Rain on Red Maples

Sweet Peas

Pineapple Patch

Rose Octagon

Iris Bouquet

Three Rose Oval

Still Life

Splashblock Mosaic - Calla Lily

Everything but Jeb Bush

Starry Night
Adaptation of Van Gogh Painting

Adobe Sunrise Pair

Summer's End

Oriental Wave

Modern Dance

Violin & Bow

Ballerina Suncatcher

Hang Ten

Cricket Player

Into the Morning

Setting the Tee

Sunset Play

At One with the Jump

Show Jumper

Cutting Horse & Rider

Fly Fishing

Carousel Horse

Carousel Camel - "Sopwith"



Above and


...And The Dish Ran Away
With The Spoon!

Mayan Dragons
Stepping Stone Mosaic

Splashblock Mosaic - Dragon

Ivan the Terrible

Dragon Hatchling

Fireplace Screen

Mermaid & Dolphin
Fireplace Screen

Bacchus Wine Cellar Door


Good Shepherd

Noah's Ark

Ganesha - Hindu God

St. Nicholas

Indian Mosaic

End of the Trail

Indian Dance

Still Together

April Showers Bring...

Winter Lighthouse

Maine Headlight

Bodie Lighthouse

Hattaras Lighthouse

Jingle Bells

Civil War Cannon

Long Life & Love

Fire Fighters' Insignia

9/11 Memorial Panel

Sandbox Days

48 States

Edwardian Panels

Lead Came Patterns

Spice Cabinet

Parchisi Mosaic


Celtic Ribbon Knot

Welcome Quilt


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